martedì 21 giugno 2011

Hi everyone!
Well,since this's my first blog, I want to tell you a bit more about why I wanted to choose this title. "Headquarters' runway".HQ is a word that you can easily link to the war, can't it? Well, it more than an organization of war, - It looks very terrorist, no terrorism, no don't worry,lol - this blog will be a headquarters with all the important news of my life in a different country but at the same time it will be only the runway; in turn, "runway" has double meaning, and I wanna refer to both meanings. One concern the landing and the take-off of plane or aircraft, the other concern the fashion, well, I guess explaining the reason of this link isn't need. So fashion runway or not, you will able to see/read step by step, all or almost everything, of my life in Finland. It will last only three months -Alas!- . I'm a bit hesitant to open this blog, I wouldn't have ever done it of my own free will, but it's up to me after this enormous opportunity to contribute in some way, and what better way than that? Through my experience, people can learn more thing about this project, the different costums Finns and the life of a teenager outside his native city and country, without his family. Btw in March, I'm leaving our urban jungle and I'm going to the small and quiet Ivalo. Honestly I'm not a person who loves so much small places, villages. Infact my future headquarters is London, and yes there's a huge different,between London and Ivalo, but I think it's better to start in a small town. This will be an incredible opportunity for me, first at all, to improve my english , to grow up mentally - is always a good thing eh- , to discover a new culture, a new world. But everything isn't only a great opportunity for English, there, I will have the opportunity to study Finnish, German, and maybe even Swedish  :D! -of course I'll continue learning French!Unfortunately I have to "leave" the spanish for three months -oh well it will take up later -. So, I will have to study quite a bit! But it will be a good deal too because I can't wait to do it! Among the many things, I hope don't drive crazy and I hope I don't get Alzheimer's, it would be very difficult to learn anything, lool.  Languages ​​and me is a very long speech, better not to divulge it in this post, maybe in the next post. For now, it's enough! 
This's a picture that my correspondent Lisa showed me, well I think this snap is already a good anticipation of what awaits me! 
Waiting for the Finnish runway headquarters..
See ya :D
*I know, I'm not so good in english and I'm so sorry for the multitude of errors, oh I'm going there to learn v.v , I'll improve my English and my pronunciation, I swear!